Sugar and Spice, Baked Goods.

12240 La Mirada Blvd. La Mirada • 562.947.8600

About Us

Sugar & Spice bakery has been around in the same location for over 30 yrs. Living Faith in the city of La Mirada which is the church my wife and I attend has owned & operated this bakery for the last 3 yrs. January 2012, Pastor Jack asked Irene & myself what could we do to help out with Sugar & Spice bakery. We instantly smelled the sweet aroma of a bakery. So we mentioned to Pastor Jack lets us make some changes and we would operate it for our church. So we started to make changes to the littlest bakery in La Mirada. We painted, cleaned, rearranged equipment to make it run in a more eficient manner. As we were changing the structure of operations we were still selling cakes, we were determined to let nothing stop us from success.

We maintained the same decorators, along with a few new decorators so that we were able to meet all challenges that were required from our customers. My wife instantly took control of the baking along with another baker, not to mention all the other responsibilities of operating a bakery. We were able to see every month that our sales were growing (Not much but growing). We knew that not too many people knew of this bakery, so the next thing was to start running ads in different magazines. We knew we had to get the word out this cake shop is here to stay & give a great product to our customers. In July of 2012 Pastor Jack asked if we were still interested in purchasing the bakery, so here we are. There are still many more changes to make to this great little bakery in La Mirada.

Thank you to all our new & existing customers.

Gil & Irene Reyes
Sugar & Spice Bakery